Custom carbon fiber acoustic guitars and custom flax fiber acoustic guitars. Handmade


Jubla guitars is located in Swedish Lapland. This means hard climate, dry air with temperature going down to -40°C in winter. A nightmare for a traditional guitar. After two craks in his wooden guitars the idea of building a weather resistant carbon fiber guitar made its way into the mind of the founder, Romain Vuillet. 

A few years later, while working in a company building carbon fiber bikes, the first prototype was born. Already at that time, the desire to create a one of a kind acoustic guitar was present. This first attempt of a carbon fiber artwork was made and was promising.

Some theoretical studies with finite elements allowed a better understanding of the vibrational beheavior of a composite instrument. This gave the guidelines for our carbon fiber and flax fiber guitars, which were then optimized thanks to prototypes and tests. 

Jubla guitars started its adventure in 2019 to create handmade custom acoustic guitars mixing different fibers and using them for design and artwork.

FEA on carbon fiber acoustic guitar soundboard
Handemade custom carbon fiber acoustic guitar
Handmade custom carbon fiber acoustic guitar


Every guitar is unique, hand-made with every detail carefully taken care of by Romain. The focus is put on the quality of the sound, its playability as well as its design/artwork. Nothing is put aside, every detail counts. If you want a singular composite instrument at home, you are at the right place. 


Making every instrument a piece of art.

We want to give you a unique experience on your adventure with us, from the way we will design together your instrument to the first notes you will play on them. 

Every stage of the construction will have your wishes as goals.


You should make sure that you have the licensing rights to the artwork on your guitar. It is even better if you try out your drawing talents and get in touch with us ;)

You can contact us by email, phone, on social media (Facebook and Instagram).


The company was created in 2019, after a couple of years of prototyping and testing.

Our story is at its beginning, and every guitar created adds a bit of singularity to it. And we are glad to tell you that you will be a part of this story, because your guitar will be a one-of-a-kind :)