Custom carbon fiber acoustic guitars and custom flax fiber acoustic guitars. Handmade

Want a unique guitar?

Here is where the fun begins, where Julba guitars really stands out.

Here is the place where your dream guitar takes shape thanks to our unique possibilities of customisation.

Patterns, shapes, silhouettes and even landscapes of your choice can be transposed onto your acoustic  guitar. And the fun is not to put a sticker on the guitar. Our innovation is to use carbon fiber or flax fiber to create artwork inside the core of your handmade instrument. 

The advantages?

  • Nuances: You can use the carbon fiber or flax fiber to enhance or hide the drawings
  • Texture: You can create texture and contrast depending on how the raw fibers are used

This innovative technique requires a great precision. A lot is possible and much is still to explore. In this  personnalisation, we would like to involve you in the whole design process of a composite guitar. 

There are thousands of customization possibilities : which fibers to use, do we mix them ? which artwork, would you like several of them ? where to place them ? position of the soundhole, wood used for the fingerboard, ... you name it ! 


Contact us for more information or to have a first preview of a design you have in mind.

Possible Customization for acoustic guitars
Possible Customization for acoustic guitars